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Monday, August 01, 2005

Okay, real first post...

(And it has suddenly occured to me that I haven't the faintest notion how to get news about this thing out. It's not like LJ, where I can friend people...)

I'm planning to make this a crafts-n-books blog, with my LJ account remaining a kind of diary/collection of thoughts/traditional blog. I'm hoping to track the projects I'm working on here, the (hopeful! someday!) growth of Kalimac, and to practice writing up little book reviews as I finish things.

Let's see what I've got up in the air:

Just completed another wire necklace; I think I'm in love with the medium. A lot more room for creativity than with just chainmaile, although I'm definitely looking forward to combining them, or going back to maile someday. I hope they jewelry sells well; it really is my favorite of what I've done so far. I'm also vaguely planning an Agwe necklace, and one for Erzulie Freda. And, as a gift, a Damballah necklace for Michael.

Started spinning up some more yarn, and I have two white skeins that'll probably get dyed in the next day or two.

Knitting projects are: *deep breath*

- The Elann sweater that I started forever ago, and that will go to France with me.
- The big gray wool blanket
-Finishing the last bit of Magic Stripes Sock
-the lace scarf I've been working on for roughly forever.
-The Tiny Alpaca Shell of DOOOOOM.
-The blue cotton bag


I've also got two needlepoint projects going. Nice range of stuff, there...especially after the quilling kit I ordered gets here.

Books I'm in the middle of/just started/etc:

-A Short History of Everything
-A Moveable Feast
-The Dark Is Rising saga
-Lies My Teacher Told Me


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