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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Quilling, and pedantry

The (surprisingly chock-full) quilling kit arrived yesterday, and I'm even surprising myself with how much I love it. I got the beginner kit from Quilling.com, and it's got a stunning amount of stuff for the price - although, really, I suppose paper and a few bits of metal aren't very expensive. (Pleasant change!) I love working in three dimensions all of a sudden - a lot of the designs are more like little sculpture. And it's so pretty! And delicate!

re: the pedantry of the title, I think I'm throwing in the towel on Lies My Teacher Told Me. I've already read it once, so I know the whole point, and it's so bad. Just grindingly boring, and weirdly paced. I'm finding that if I do read it, I can't get very far at a time, and I'm really slogging.

I traded in a bunch of books yesterday, and got a few things from the local used bookstore. Mostly stuff on myth, including Levi-Strauss' giant tome on South American myth.


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