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Sunday, October 09, 2005

I need a routine...

...and being unemployed isn't working :) Inspired by Stitchy McYarnpants, I'm going to try to post something every day. If I don't have anything to say - well, we'll all live. But I keep finding my thoughts spilling out, and I'm shite at keeping a paper diary.

I'm doing this here as a kind of clean slate - LiveJournal was a part of a life that's radically changed, and I simply don't feel like going back there. I'd rather have the psychological clean slate here, even if the same people still show up. (Not impossible, and they're all welcome, of course.)

I also simply like the publishing software and interface here better!

Let's see....

Foofy knitting stuff today:

I'm slowly cataloguing all my yarn with the Database program in AppleWorks. Oh. My. God. Aside from the buttload of yarn I have and didn't realize, Database is approximate sixty billion times easier to deal with than Access. LOVE!

I'm impressed with how much yarn I really have - more than I realized, especially of the handspun stuff. Very happy about that.

The Hourglass Sweater is coming along beautifully - I'm almost done with the lower body. I can't say I understand a single direction beyond that, or how and when to block it (In pieces on the needle? After it's done?), but at least it's comign along quickly. I think the yarn (KnitPicks' Andean Silk) will be a lot softer after it's washed and blocked.

Not really working on anything else. Some spinning, some crocheted beaded bracelets. College and jobs have been really eating my time - which I'm happy about. I'm getting stuff done!

Good for now. More tomorrow.


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