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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Is that a gray hair?

Went to the post office today. Yes, my life is so boring that is worth blogging. Although no one actually cursed any of the postal workers out while I was there (a first!), I did visibly age while in line. I swear time moves differently....

At least everyone was prepared to age visibly. Particularly when someone brought in their little Scottie, and he or she ran around to say hello to everyone and was just so cute and thank god forty seconds of distraction!

But I have a new powercord for my Dell, so I can clean it up and have a nice backup laptop, as well as a windows machine for when I need it. Hurrah, hurrah. It should run reasonably well once I get all the music off of it - I'm hoping to teach myself Linux as well, using it as an experimental machine.

Also on the good side - the PO is on a beautiful block. I shot a section of the funky, glorious mural right next to it...

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