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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


+I'm going to try to keep filling up the etsy store, even though sales are slow right now. If the holidays don't pick it up, I'll look for meatspace craft shows. If I'm very lucky, Chestnut Hill will have something affordable and I can mark everything up 300%.

+Going back to temping. Refuse to do AA stuff again, unless it's guarenteed easy. I only want short-term, temp stuff anyway, in hopes that a real job will pan out.

+Grad school apps are partially drafted. Surprisingly relaxed and unterrified - guess this means this is the right time.

+Just 4 1/2 episodes to go, and I'm all caught up to Lost! Yay! Have been knitting like a madwoman too. Got about a sleeve and a half plus the yoke to go on Hourglass, and making headway with Clapotis. More or less.

+starting to spin truly good yarn. awwyeah.


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